Our CFO experts are dedicated to transforming your business.

CFO Australia work with startups through to established growth business. We take the time to understand business requirements and tailor advisory solutions that match your needs.

CFO Australia Services

Strategic CFO

When deploying one of our experienced Virtual CFO’s into a clients business, we aim to free up the CEO/Executives so they can focus on core business, clients, or project deliverables.  You should expect a Virtual CFO to take a leadership role in steering the financial growth and strategic initiatives for your business.

Outsourced CFO & Finance

Our outsourced solutions offer total financial management with agreed deliverables each month. Outsourcing your finance function to CFO Australia, will help you keep on top of increased compliance obligations but also champion best practice accounting principles into your business.

Bespoke CFO

Our Virtual CFO’s are often engaged on bespoke projects for our startup and large-scale enterprise clients. By introducing our bespoke CFO Services, we can tailor fit a solution that solves your immediate needs whilst considering the long-term objectives for your business, often leading to an ongoing engagement with a CFO.

CFO Services that meet today’s business needs

We understand that business needs vary and that's why we offer tailored CFO Services to meet those needs.
  • Tailored
  • Flexible
  • Integral
  • Trusted
Working in the trenches, our team come from diverse backgrounds having been Corporate CFO’s, Founders, Mentors, Executives, Company Secretaries and Consultants, bringing a diverse set of skills to their client’s business.
We offer bespoke solutions to match your business. From Strategic CFO Services to fully outsourced finance solutions and everything in between, we give you the flexibility to decide what works best for your business.
The common assumption is that a Virtual CFO normally only works for a short period of time in a business, which is a misconception. CFO Australia have enjoyed long-term working relationships with our clients and often become integral to the success of a client’s business.
What starts this relationship is an immediate requirement, often for a turnaround, stronger financial management, a specific project or transaction, seeing a company through investment, covering for leave/maternity or supporting a business through change. This then often leads into a longer term relationship built on trust and respect.

How our Virtual CFO’s work?

Strategy & Advice

We analyse where your business is now to where you want to be, clarifying your goals, then we create a plan to reach them. A well thought out strategic plan will be the key to your success.

Implementation & Hands on approach

We don’t just give you the strategy, we work with you to ensure you remain focused on the financial and operational performance goals that enable success.

Exponential Growth

We have tracked our clients success and on average overall business growth is tracking at 23%+ year on year. Through solid planning, hands on involvement and ongoing review of strategies, our CFO’s help clients grow and reach their goals.


In-House CFO vs. Outsourced CFO
There is no doubt that hiring a full time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) makes complete sense when a business reaches a certain size or an advanced level of complexity in structure. There is also no question that a CFO occupies a crucial role in growing a business’ profitability, especially in the longer term. The decision facing business owners, is when is the right time to bring on a full-time CFO or whether there are benefits to having a part-time or outsourced CFO until a full-time CFO role stacks up financially.
May 27, 2022
The advantages of Outsourced CFO Services
The reason why a business should have an outsourced CFO is that they offer ‘strategic financial insight and manoeuvring that leads to increased revenue, without the need to pay a full-time CFO salary.’ 
April 19, 2022
Five ways to grow your business with a Virtual CFO
There are very few business owners who wouldn’t welcome expert financial advice and financial help if it was available, as good financial advice and financial management are keys to success for any business, small or large.
March 5, 2022
What are the benefits of Outsourced CFO Services?
Numerous small to medium sized businesses (SMB) have outsourced their CFO function to a CFO Service company and for a number of good reasons: The costs of a full time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) are often prohibitive for a small or medium sized company. It is virtually impossible to find a part time CFO, often because experienced CFO’s who want to work part time are working for CFO Service companies and not available for smaller organisations.
February 18, 2022
What value can a CFO bring to my business
A CFO can make a huge difference in the way a business grows and how it operates on a day-to-day basis, as well as having a dramatic impact on the financial strategy, including forward planning, capital raising, borrowing, financial and tax planning, compliance, and business owner exit. It is hard to disagree a chief financial officer or CFO services don’t add significantly to a business.
November 23, 2021
What is an Outsourced CFO Service?
Outsourcing CFO services will give companies all the benefits of having a highly skilled and experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on their team, but at a much-reduced cost.
October 3, 2021
How to avoid wasting time when buying a business?
SME’s can get caught up in the excitement an acquisition opportunity presents, but often the process can be time consuming, a drain on resources and very costly if you don’t manage the process properly up front.
June 19, 2019
Managing an effective Accounting team
Effectively managed accounting teams invariably make a significant difference to the general performance of a business. With integrity of the accounting function comes reliable and timely financial and management information.
May 20, 2018
CFO decision fatigue: Is it effecting you?
Today’s top executives make hundreds of decisions each day. We marvel at the amount of decisions a Finance Executive and especially Virtual CFOs that act for more than one organisation has to make on a daily basis. Couple the professional decisions with family, friends, health and other life commitments and it begins to add up!
May 12, 2018
The value of CFO Profiling
Organisations normally engage in developing a robust CFO Profile when they need to recruit, however conducting the same process within your organisation when recruitment is not the focus can have great benefits for aligning business strategy with the individual and team.
March 23, 2018
How a Board can influence an SMB Business?
A functional Board contributes to the overall productivity of the organisation and staff often look to the Board of Directors for guidance, regulations, support, and the tools and resources to do the work that is expected of them. When a Board is lax or negligent, or does not take care of tasks and responsibilities, it doesn’t take long before staff and the daily operations of the organisation are affected.
February 19, 2018
What are you projecting – The Power of Feedback and Perceptions
Ever been given feedback that you disagree with? What was your response? If you are like most, then your response was probably along the lines of: Anger; “Where does he/she get off telling me that.” Denial; “That’s not how it happened.” Deflection; “He/she should concentrate on their own problems.” Righteousness; “What would he/she know? I know more about this than them.”
October 20, 2017
Why is month-end keeping you up at night?
I have always been amazed when I hear CFOs and their teams working well into the night to fulfil their month end obligations. Journals, rework, analysis, reporting until the late hours of the evening, month after month, year after year.
August 2, 2017
Is it time to engage a CFO?
There is a common misconception out there that a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a role only available to the large corporate. However, if you continue to hold this view you could be doing your business a critical injustice. Having the commercial guidance that a CFO can provide to get your business from where you are now to where you want to be is one of the best investments a business owner can make.
May 20, 2017
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