We deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients through unique CFO and BUSINESS ADVISORY SOLUTIONS.


Why work with CFO Australia?

Our ability to understand your business specific needs at any point in its lifecycle enables us to align the right solution to your pressing needs, as well as pivot as required to ensure your business remains competitive and adaptable to a changing economic climate.

CFO Australia is backed by professional services firm Azure Group, Corporate Advisory firm Verde Group and Financial Services firm Azure Group Wealth to holistically manage our client’s financial goals.

CFO Australia can introduce corporate advisory, taxation, treasury, financial reporting, audit, business accounting and Wealth Management expertise to your business as and when required. 

The difference this partnership brings is a team of technical experts working together with the common goal of helping both the business and the business owner/s be successful and financially fit.  Being a commercially focused group, our technicians are astute in aligning the business strategy, tax and personal wealth goals together to deliver well rounded solutions and advice. 

Visit Azure Group  Verde GroupAzure Group Wealth to discover the depth of experience our partner firms have in managing the financial needs of Australian and international businesses.



Our team has more than 125 years’ experience in guiding a range of domestic and international clients. Our team work in the trenches and have been Corporate CFO’s, Founders, Executives, Consultants, Company Secretaries and Mentors, bringing a diverse set of skills to their client’s.



We have clients on six continents and deal with cross border intricacies daily. Utilising our global relationships, we provide the expertise and advice you need for successful global expansion.



Building a base of Virtual, Interim and Full time CFO’s within varied sectors, from Professional Services, Family Businesses, Tech entrepreneurial and Startup Groups, Health Sector, Not-for-Profit and Educational, Real Estate and Construction Financial Services.

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Tapping into our Partnerships with professional services firm Azure Group and Corporate Advisory firm Verde Group.  We have also partnered with International Alliance XLNC, allowing us to tap into a worldwide network of professionals.

How our CFO’s work?


Phase 1


We analyse where your business is right now considering where you want to be.  We clarify your goals and create an achievable plan to reach them. A plan is your key to success.

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Phase 2


We don’t just give you the strategy, we work with you to ensure you remain focused on the financial & operational performance goals that enable success.

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Phase 3


Our client’s average business growth is tracking at 20% +.
How you ask? Speak to us today to find out how we can help your business achieve the same levels of growth.

Have to admit, I was a bit sceptical before engaging a Virtual CFO. Not long after engaging the CFO Australia Consulting I realized I made a great decision for my business. Their CFO team is amazing to deal with. They work at a deeper level then I could imagine, they don’t only scratch the surface, they actually helped me execute.” – Anthony Ballesty, ID8Studio